Sunday, December 4, 2016


It's been a rough first couple of weeks for Oreo. It became quickly apparent that he was having real issue defecating and by Tuesday evening of this past week, we took him off to the vet. Turns out that he was severely constipated..........not the kind that happens overnight or with just afew days, but weeks of not going properly. The vet had to use some pretty extreme measures that we're sure were very unpleasant for Oreo in order to try and help him be alleviated. He also had to have his dental work done and they ended up extracting three teeth..........the great news there is that for an elderly gent, he did extremely well under anaesthetic.

We picked him back up on Thursday night and he was one very unhappy camper. Initially administering the meds he came home with did not go smoothly at first, and we were extremely worried about how things would unfold now that he was back with us. But only three short days later, and it's all looking much brighter - with a new diet and the help of some laxatives, Oreo's system appears to be making the trek back to working order, he's settled back in, and isn't quite so fussed at med time. In addition, I woke this morning to find him on the bed sleeping with us and after getting up to feed and water the crew, he came back to bed with me for some cuddle time.

Although his two week quarantine is already up rescue wise, we're going to wait afew more days before adding him to the website for adoption. He's had abit of a rough ride and so we want to make sure he's feeling alot better before even considering letting him move on to his forever home.

A long time ago we learned that every life is worth saving and the Oreo's of the world, although older and perhaps abit more susceptible to bumps in the road, are absolutely no exception to that rule. We're thankful as well to work with an organization like Toronto Cat Rescue who do not hesitate to rescue the elderly kitties that need that second chance at happily ever after; as much as, if not more, than their younger counterparts.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Some of you may remember our Cee Cee - the gorgeous calico we fostered that had both sweetness and sass (typical female!). Well her wonderful Mom "J" is so kind about sending shots and updates every so often and we received the latest one last night.

When hubby and I both looked at this all we could think was that CeeCee was saying "Hiya Mom & Dad, everything's great here!" Doesn't this shot just make you smile instantly?

We loved it but more importantly, we love that this gorgeous girl is so happy, healthy and loved!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016


If the above-noted shot looks vaguely familiar that may be because I feel like we've been here before. With three black/white kitties in a row, and all having found the "window ledge" spot quickly and their love of it, it may be easy to become confused (I know we are! *L*).

Oreo is here 1 week today and already has full run of the house. The URI he began experiencing in the shelter, never materialized (thank goodness), and with perfect litterbox habits and a good appetite - not to mention an aversion to being kept in his guest room, we decided to roll the dice and see what his reaction was to our boys. Answer: it's been seamless..............Oreo hasn't let out a hiss or a growl since sauntering past Rocky & Silly initially and in the week past, he's become so relaxed that it's as if he's known them forever. Silly isn't bothered by him in the least and even our Stinkerboy is not his usual super nasty self. It's quite obvious that Oreo likes other cats and that given his age being closer to our own boys, he appreciates the quieter, more sedate things in life and therefore, poses no threat or bullying nature.

However, he is experiencing some issues with constipation at the moment which we're hoping to rectify with a vet visit early this coming week. He also requires dental work so the plan is to address both issues at the same time.

Here's one more shot just in case if you were doubtful of his having settled in already :))

Saturday, November 19, 2016


This is Oreo whom we just picked up about an hour ago from the shelter where he's been miserably existing for the past two months. His owner died at the end of August and the family didn't want him. I'm not sure how you leave a 12 year old cat at the shelter that your Mom loved, but like alot of things in happens all the time.

Shelter staff reported him grumpy, hard to handle, not eating well, and it remained unseen whether he would tolerate other cats so that description didn't exactly endear him to us when the rescue reached out earlier in the week about us considering him. But then I started to think about my sister who left behind her two cats when she died, and my brother who died this past Summer and left behind his cat - in both instances, noone else wanting them - at least not initially. And then that still small voice planted that seed of reassurance like it often does, and we took the chance, letting the rescue know we wouuld welcome this old boy here at Safe Haven.

So Oreo's been here an hour, has already eaten, hasn't stopped purring, and has already posed for these two shots. Oh and as it turns out, he does tolerate other cats as he was initially surrendered with a brother (sadly we're not quite certain what's happened to him).

So we say to Oreo's Mom today (who we hope can see into this side of the veil)'s okay, you can rest easy now - we got this.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Well if pictures are worth a thousand words, than I'd say it's safe to say that Hogan is settling in just fine to his new home.

This shot just warmed our hearts............his hard days are all behind him now and he can have any spot and every spot in the entire house.

Just as it should be.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Today's entry finds Hogan now in his forever home - it was just that quick. "E" called enquiring about Hogan earlier in the week, we had a conversation and I learned quickly just how much she loves cats. Her last cat Tuck, passed away this past Spring - originally born in the beautiful state of Arizona, Tuck became a Northern boy and was adored and loved until his final day. "E" came by today, met Hogan (who absolutely knew something was amiss), and within an hour was completing the adoption paperwork and we were picking out one his favourite toys among the plethra of many that he loved, for him to take to his new home.

We're so happy for him that he now can reside as the true King of his Castle and thank him for allowing us to get to know him and for being such a good boy. It was a tough foster in some respects, not because Hogan was misbehaving in any way, but rather because he didn't enjoy the company of others cats and with our Rocky, that spells alot of tense moments which is never fun for anyone.

So tonight it's a new adventure for Hogan and an empty foster room for us...............

Sunday, November 6, 2016


How's this for a striking pose? I just finished updating Hogan's rescue profile with updated pictures (this one among them), and a new write up. Sometimes an update can do wonders to draw people to a rescue kitty and since it's their first introduction to him/her, it's incredibly important.

Prayers said that this helps for Hogan's family to find him. He spent a good portion of last night snuggled up against me as I watched t.v. - happy as a clam he was to have me all to himself.

He really is going to make that special someone an incredible friend.