Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Clarence' new parents have been keeping in regular touch this first week post adoption, sharing pictures and stories to let us know how our boy is settling in. Every time I saw a new email come in, I held my breath somewhat fearing that there would be something negative within.

That was however until I received today's latest picture:

Yup, that looks like a match made in heaven if ever I've seen one!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


I was shocked to receive the news earlier today that our former foster Oscar (previously called Quincy), died a couple of weeks ago after a brief fight with renal lymphoma. His Mom wrote to let us know and since I had just heard from her afew months ago when she wrote to share an update and pictures of how happy and great Oscar was doing, it was a real jolt to hear this sad development.

"M" had adopted him only a couple of years ago and he wasn't that old, which makes it that much sadder. As I got over my shock, I immediately then gave thanks that this beautiful boy hadn't died alone on the city streets nor in a cold, metal cage. He had been loved and cared for and was adored - although his remaining time here was short, it was lovely we think.

A beautiful collage was shared of some of the nicest shots of Oscar so I'm sharing it here so you too can see why everyone should adopt and not shop.

Rest easy sweetheart and give my love to my own kids who are there to greet you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.....

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


I've been super concerned about Clarence all night. Not that I doubted "M" and her husband wouldn't be kind and good to our boy, but it's the usual nerves and worries that come with fostering and then having to let go. Needless to say I was super anxious to hear this morning how the remainder of yesterday and more importantly, overnight had gone for Clarence and his new family.

This is what I got email wise just afew mins ago.............

Evidently a new favorite chair for a new boy with a new name - he'll now be called Panda Bear by his family "Panda" for short.

We'll miss you sweetheart but we're so totally overjoyed to see you so happy already.

Happy Forever After!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2018


Right now Clarence is settling into a new home - yes that's right, our darling sweetheart finally had an adoption call that has worked out!! Mandy came over earlier today to meet him and we were pleasantly surprised at how friendly Clarence was with her. He stayed around and even went over for petting and chin scratches at one point. Her and her husband are retired and have all the time in the world to dedicate to our handsome friend.

So after 4 months waiting in a shelter and 4 months here at Safe Haven, we are delighted to see Clarence have a home of his very own.

A wonderful way to end the Easter weekend!

Friday, March 9, 2018


Even though it's been over 4 months that Clarence has been with us here the hopeful light that his forever family will eventually find him still burns brightly! The adoption inquiries for our sweet boy continue but no one has been the right fit for him as of yet.

We took some new pictures of him for his rescue website profile in the hopes that it would aide in showing people what a total hunk he is. Hope you like them..........

Friday, March 2, 2018


Wake up calls Safe Haven right now are 3:00am. That's what time Clarence starts banging on the door of his foster room to be let out (we've had to have him sleep in his room overnight due to the fact that he doesn't really get along with Silly). In the last couple of nights, we've tried leaving him out all night - he's very good until 3:00am; then they start fighting. Added to this is the fact that I'm a hardcore insomniac and even if I do manage to fall asleep, I sleep very lightly and so can be woken up by virtually a pin hitting the floor.

Normal wake up time is 4:00am but this hour earlier is literally killing me - I'm so exhausted this week I feel like the walking dead. Once I've managed to feed and water the troops, and clean litterboxes, it's time for self grooming. And this is what greets me every morning as I try to do makeup, hair and give room to hubby (we only have one bathroom); did I mention that our bathroom is 4x6 in total? For the better part of my getting ready, I'm sharing that space with 4 males!!!!!

Someone needs to tell these guys about a girl's need for private time.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


It will be a week tomorrow that Clarence was returned and he's only now just settling back in. I'm not sure what went on in the week he was away, but he has seemed a lot more nervous and apprehensive with us up until just last night which you wouldn't really expect to be the case with a kitty that spent over two months here with us and was only away for a week.

Thankfully he was returned and this just makes us even more adamant that we will be extra super vigilant in vetting any further inquiries that may come to ensure he's not put through this again. With FIV+ kitties, stress can really wreak havoc and cause health issues that other healthier kitties won't experience, so it's super important that we ensure he's not put through any more undue stress for awhile. Of course, one half us continues to kick themselves that we ever let that man take him in the first place.

Just goes to show once again that no matter how many years you've been involved in rescue, you can still make mistakes, and still have lessons to learn.